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Greyhound Bus Reviews

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  • Greyhound bus is late, two break down and 6 hour trip turns into 15 hour stranding.

    Grey hound is unreliable and provides the worst service and communication of any value travel option. I and about 25 other University students had pre-paid tickets to Pittsburgh, departing from Norristown/King of Prussia. The bus, scheduled to leave at 11:40 arrived with only 3 available seats. The next bus didn't arrive for another 1 1/2 hours. That bus got as far as Harrisburg, where it broke down. After an hour of waiting on the bus for repairs, another bus arrived, and the battery promptly died.We are all still waiting in a the dingy Harrisburg bus terminal, with no updates and... More...
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  • Greyhound Bus Horrible Ride

    I travel via Greyhound bus to Jacksonville, FL. It had been many, many years since I rode a commercial bus. The last I can recall, Trailways were in business, so that should tell you my age. But, what I recall during those days were a nice, coach ride. The seats were roomy and cushion well, offering support to back, and bottom. Also, the ride itself was smooth, you could recline and actually go to sleep on the bus. But, not this time. I took the bus too and from Jacksonville, FL, departing from Albany, GA. The trip to Jacksonville was much nicer, although the driver wasn't very... More...
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  • useless web site!

    Hi I had to purchase a ticket over the phone becasue ur web site, .ca & .com was not working...i knew i had to rpint the ticket and she said she send it to my email. Well I got the email but it sends me back to your useless FUCKING web site. now what? No after 1.5 still on the same subject..I AM on hold with your web suport. WTF? never again will I use grey hound because really, even after you hearding this issue your site has...there is still nothing you can do?!!! I asked if I can have the ticket for me at least...ATLEAST if one of your useless agents could print my... More...
  • Terrible first and last trip with greyhound.

    Let me just start by saying that I was super excited to take a trip with my best friend to her future homeland in Canada, and her only means of transportation were by bus so greyhound is what we chose. Not only was EVERY SINGLE bus late, most by an hour, but the first bus we were on our bus driver was incredibly brusque and rude and he dropped us off in Harrisburg because the bus didn't have a/c and that was the beginning of our 8 HOUR DELAY. I won't go into extreme detail because that would just be too much, but to put it simply, the majority of bus drivers were rude, our 16 hour... More...
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  • Bus stations - nobody answers phone

    I had a family membef travel in and rcvd conflicting arrivals times. I called the 1-800# for Greyhound and they could not verify the arrival time for me. They DID give me the same number I had for the arrival station, apasswordnd then gave me the phone number for the departure station and also they station where the passengers were changing buses and they rang without being answered. I called the 1 800 number again and asked them to call the numbers so they could see what happens and they said they could not call out. I guess the 4 hour discrepancy I had to manage wasnt their concern... More...
  • All that exist

    My name is Ricardo Tronconi I am one way to San Diego to a friend that passed away last weekend. I wanted to make sure I got here at the station on 7th in LOs Angeles so I took a Lyft ($20) so I got here aroun 220-225am and my bus was supposed to leave at 245am well come to see is gone, so a gentleman tells me just go to door 16 and they will take you on that bus at 4:15am guess what the driver doesn't want to take me cause is full and he questions me what is he supposed to do. So I go to front desk te girl is on her cell phone the hold conversation and chewing gum. I told her what had... More...
  • No help with reprinting a ticket

    I have been using Greyhound nonstop for the past year or so. I have never had a problem until now. I purchased a last minute ticket for my fiance. I tried to avoid the 18 fee they charge (which is absolutely crazy) when you purchase for someone else. I did not know they were not able to reprint his ticket there when I paid cash for it and because he is in a different city, i cant send him his ticket. I called and received a very nasty woman. This was the first rude person I encountered ever with greyhound, which is what lead me to write a complaint. I think greyhound should be able to... More...
    teshtesh9260's Picture   teshtesh9260    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound terrible service

    On September 15th I had an 0850 ticket for New Orleans-Memphis via Jackson. I got to the check in counter & an extremely rude female employee, with no name tag, told me that I had to pay an extra $20 for the 2nd leg Jackson-Memphis because my tickets were printed front & back. If this was a problem I'm sure there would have been another solution then having me pay again for a ticket that was already paid for. She told me to go line B. When I clarified with her why the time on the bag tag said 1015 she just kept saying go to line A over & over. It was terrible. Then when the... More...
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  • No refund for online ticket (printed in error)

    I bought a ticket online for my nephew and it printed the departure/destination in error. I was billed this ticket on my credit card. I noticed the error and in order to make sure my nephew got to his destination tomorrow, I re-bought another ticket and printed it. My nephew used this ticket to get home. While I was at the depot I asked how I could get the error ticket refunded. I was told to send the ticket and info to the corp. office in Texas which I did. I just received a letter stating they are refusing to refund my un-used ticket. I think that this is a criminal act my Geyhound... More...
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  • Washroom smell all over

    I use greyhound very often. I was travelling from seattle to vancouver on 09/07/2014 at 2.30 pm. I chose to sit at the second last seat. Had such a filthy experience. My seat was so dirty, as if the seating area and window were not cleaned for weeks. I was close to washroom as well, it was such fowl smell in the rear of bus. It was unhygienic and intolerable. A couple sitting right across me was drinking beer all the time. Alcoholic beverages are strictly not allowed in public transportation. But there was no check, they would get down at each greyhound stop to throw the empty bottles and... More...
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  • Greyhound Canada Bus arrived full - paid a taxi to arrive on time at the airport

    On July 25th 2014 I bought online two tickets from Niagara Falls, ON to Buffalo Airport, NY. The bus was to leave at 10:50, 14 August 2014 and my plane was leaving from the Airport at 14:45. We were at the bus station one hour prior to scheduled departure, however the bus arrived with a 15 min delay (at 11:05), and the bus driver informed us that there was no place for us in the bus, since it was full starting from Toronto. A second bus was supposed to arrive but nobody could inform us exactly when. Trying not to lose my flight, I opted for the only viable alternative, i.e. to take a taxi.... More...

    As a student I have taken the greyhound for three years now to go home to Niagara from London Ontario to see my family. I used to always pay 17.50 per way totalling about 40 dollars for a weekend trip home. Recently, greyhound has increased their prices so that it now costs me 90 DOLLARS for one weekend home. This is absolutely ridiculous and unreasonable. This is over 2 times more than it used to cost. As a student, this isn't even affordable. I CAN RENT A CAR FOR FOUR DAYS FOR CHEAPER THAN THAT!!!!!! I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT IF YOU HAVE A LICENSE IT IS CHEAPER TO RENT A CAR AND... More...
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  • Very disgusted with Grayhound Bus Lines and their so called customer service!

    I am posting my concern here as a warning for all people who plan to use Grayhound Bus Lines in the future. My brother is in Birmingham, AL, waiting for me to buy his ticket online for the bus, when he was asked to leave the premises if he doesn't have a ticket already. His phone is now dead and has no way to receive a confirmation number to even get into the building to get his ticket at the desk. I have now been on the phone with customer service and the corporate offices, just be told, " I don't know what to tell you" I am absolutely disgusted with the lack of... More...
    carrollcc0429's Picture   carrollcc0429    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very disgusted with Greyhound customer service!

    I am posting my concern here as a warning for all people who plan to use Grayhound Bus Lines in the future. My brother is in Birmingham, AL, waiting for me to buy his ticket online for the bus, when he was asked to leave the premises if he doesn't have a ticket already. His phone is now dead and has no way to receive a confirmation number to even get into the building to get his ticket at the desk. I have now been on the phone with customer service and the corporate offices, just be told, " I don't know what to tell you" I am absolutely disgusted with the lack of... More...
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  • Greyhound no Wifi and no sleep!!

    I just went on my first and LAST Greyhound trip! It is impossible to sleep comfortably on those seats, and I was stuck on it for 2 nights. I was excited to be road tripping and not having to drive BECAUSE they advertised Wifi, I figured I would have a great trip, just sit back in a comfy seat and watch some Netflix or Hulu, then take a nap when I got tired. DIDN'T HAPPEN!!! I even had my own row, but even with 2 seats, it's impossible to get comfortable. I got on the first bus expecting a fun adventure and ended up finishing my trip with the relief of escaping hell. I honestly... More...
    Aubriella's Picture   Aubriella    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible!!

    TERRIBLE!! I booked greyhound return tickets for the first time to travel from Wilmington,DE to SpringField, MA with a transfer at NYC. It was the most terrible experience of my life.. the bus left Spring field,MA 15 mins late, reached NYC 30 mins late..and from NYC bus stand there was no was scheduled to leave from NYC at 9:30. After waiting for the bus driver for 2 hrs, the bus left at 11:30 PM and reached Wilmington at 1:40 ( instead of 11:40). While returning, it was more horrible, I booked the tickets online from .. it was reserved. I reached the... More...
    PayalM's Picture   PayalM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst travel experience EVER

    My mother waited in line for the 6p departure that leaves Chicago for London, ON. Without a cell, she and a dozen others WHO HAD ALREADY PAID were told they would have to wait for the next bus since the 6pm bus was fully loaded! My mother didn't depart until 1am and with a 16 hour waiting/traveling time she reached her destination. Since tickets/seats sell out, and in this case, what we purchased wasn't necessarily what we wanted but was the only available selection, how can they be so irresponsible, so unprofessional and careless that they can allow something like this to happen?... More...
    Teshatesha's Picture   Teshatesha    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad customer service

    ihave spent around 2 hrs calling the toll free #, on line, it wont work right. i just want to purchash a ticket, im in kingman az, i want to buy a tiket from eugene,or-- spokane,wa---eugene---kingman. on line wont work right, no answer on toll free# local bus station isnt answering, ive had it im going on amtrak if this cant be resolved. you know all ive heard is bad things about greyhound, and all complaints are legitimate, More...
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  • Denied refund for unused ticket

    NEVER AGAIN! I accidentally bought tickets from NY to Washington DC instead of the inverse. I spoke to the agent at the DC bus terminal and she informed me that I could call customer service and ask for a cancellation of my ticket and that I would be guaranteed my money back because I haven't printed my ticket out yet. I asked her if she could authorize a refund for me at the station, but she said I must request the cancellation online. She informed me that this would not be considered a "refund," because my situation is unique -- it would be issued as a cancellation with my... More...
    itscharlenee's Picture   itscharlenee    0 Comments   Comments
  • unused portion

    my son got off his bus to Boston in Lewiston Maine because the bus driver stated "Lewiston" and my son thought he said "Last stop" the driver English was not clear and besides should not the driver have checked the baggage ticket to very name of owner and destination of passenger. My son never traveled alone before. I would like a refund for the "UNUSED" portion of the ticket More...
  • nonrefundable tickets in a emergency

    I paid for a nonrefundable one-way ticket from Greenville,Tx to Sacramento,Ca with greyhound for my sister who is in a abusive relationship with her baby's father. She and her baby went to Texas to visit her baby's father side of the family. Now this man and his grandmother are holding my sister and niece hostage. He is beating my sister and my niece. So i paid for her a ticket to get home on July 22nd. She was unable to use it because the babies father beat her and would not let her leave or use the phone or anything. I called greyhound to try and reschedule so my sister can... More...
  • Greyhound Bus - Rude Driver

    I traveled from Washington DC to Newark, NJ on the 10:00 AM - 2:40 PM Greyhound bus. The bus schedule number was GLI-2318. My ticket confirmation number - 34508326. The driver of the bus behaved very unprofessionally and was extremely rude. He had blocked off one seat by keeping his bag there (this is the seat with priority for the disabled). Once the bus started moving I realised no one was using that and I asked the driver if I could sit there. He told me to go back to my seat as he was saving that seat for a disabled person who was supposed to board at Baltimore. Once we reach Baltimore... More...
    vikram187's Picture   vikram187    0 Comments   Comments
  • customer service

    the bus company stranded two female minors and a 2 year old in Kansas city for 4 hours because the bus was full. who does that. the bus was 10 hours late to Cincinnati when we tried to talk to a guy named vergal if that's his real name he refused to give us a supervisors name he was rude and then walked away and ignored us completely. what customer service is this.Vergel might as well be a girls name what a jerk and how does he keep his job. Any real man would take care of the situation. better watch out bot we are coming for you. More...
  • WOW, this driver is on a power trip

    Since when can you NOT get off the bus for a quick smoke break when we stop to drop people off and pick people up (a 5 minute stop according to the schedule). This driver, Al, says I'm throwing him off HIS schedule and threatens to not let me back on the bus? Seriously?? He's busy getting people on and off the bus for at least 5 minutes. How is me stepping outside for the 5 minutes throwing off his schedule? When the driver says get back on the bus, I woud get back on the bus immediately. I've been able to take a quick smoke break EVERY other time I've ridden the... More...
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  • Stranded Elderly Father

    Good morning, I am writing on behalf of my elderly father, who is now at the South Bend Indiana station. He has been there since 1pm yesterday (July 9th). He is currently traveling to Elyria, Ohio. He has used Greyhound six times in the last 3-4 months traveling back and forth to Elyria. This is the second time that he has had to stay overnight in a bus station. Both occurrences, he did everything correctly. Arrived on time, and was prepared to go. The first instance, the bus was late picking him up from 95th and Dan Ryan (Chicago) which caused him to miss his transfer bus to... More...

    I bought a round trip ticket from Ann Arbor, MI to Dallas, TX set to depart at 7:15pm on May 28, 2014. Mind you, I am a first time Greyhound Customer.... NEVER AGAIN! My first concern was, we were advised to arrive an hour early to check our bags, I rushed to the station right after work to do just that, and the bus station looked like an abandoned old building. Wasn't even sure If I had the right place. There were about 8 people, including my spouse and I, and they were complaining their buses never showed up. OH GREAT! Finally our bus arrives at 8:30pm and the bus driver gives my... More...
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  • Greyhound bus breakdown poor customer service

    I am very very unhappy with Greyhound for the way my wife and I have been treated. The bus we should of been on was over 45 mins late. When we got on we found it had already broken down once and the air conditioning was not working. The bus broke down a further 4 times. We should arrived at 6:35pm we did not arrive till 8:07pm which resulted in us missing our onward bus connection. The only thing that greyhound did right was the driver who took us back on the bus and drove us to El Paso as the was no accommodation at the stop we should of been dropped off at. That bus should of never been... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Jamesbaker563's Picture   Jamesbaker563    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Bus Driver

    The bus # 60654,from Toronto bus terminal(Bay st) via Scarbrough town center to Ottawa on June.30.The bus supposed to come 2:55pm,was late for 40minits. No apology as usual. I showed the driver my ticket with return ticket,he clicked his tongue. The bus supposed to stop somewhere for the break in 2 hours,but he didn't stop at all. The terrible incident was that there was a lady who wanted to visit to Peterborough,but was taken to Ottawa. The driver must make sure whew they are going to.No respect,too lazy. More...
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  • One word TERRIBLE

    Terrible service! Why even bother working here if you have not one once of social skills. Terrible experience. Had a ticket to go to DC for the forth of July. When I went up the the bus driver with my ticket he just told me to go back inside without giving me a reason why. The two women upfront were absolutely no help at all, I just need to know which bus to get on. With a response that was so rude and unhelpful I ended up not being able to get on the bus due to weather issues and would have have to wait until morning. I guess the employees here prefer to speak on their cell phone right... More...
    Jasst93's Picture   Jasst93    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service

    I will never and I mean NEVER ride on the grey hound bus ever again. Horrible buses, just as horrible customer service. Ended up getting to my destination 5 hours later than I should have. If there is a Megabus that goes to your destination, please take it by any means necessary. Better service, outlets, WiFi, the whole nine yards. I only took the greyhound this one time because it was a little cheaper -- SO NOT WORTH IT THOUGH. I can't wait until Megabus finally puts these scumbags out of business More...
    Iffyniffy1229's Picture   Iffyniffy1229    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound treats all passengers atrociously in every thinkable way.

    I recently traveled from Va. to Michigan, then Michigan to NC by Greyhound. Wihtout exception, every one of their employees I had contact with was hostile, rude, brusk, discourteous, provocative, antagonistic and downright antisocial. This was not just toward me but even on the public address speaking to all passengers the tone was condescending and demeaning as if everyone on board was a convict, felon or wild beast. At times they seemed to go out of their way to be offensive and to lecture passengers like they were children. I asked one person who wanted to know what I needed, for someone... More...
    passenger's Picture   passenger    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound Bus inconvenience.

    My complain/review of the Greyhound Bus Company especially from Mississippi to Atlanta, has been the worst. My father travels to visit me via Bus and his arrival are ALWAYS 5 to 6 hours behind. This is unacceptable. Either the bus has malfunctioned, or their stops are far to long. By car, it takes 7.5 hours to get from where he lives to Atlanta, and of course I am aware that by bus, there are a few changeovers but within the calculation of his arrival to Atlanta, he still are so far behind his estimated arrival time. More...
    AnnieAlbert's Picture   AnnieAlbert    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound late buses and selling tickets for unavailable seats

    I have ridden the greyhound multiple times to get from my college town in northern Arizona to back home in Phoenix. More than half of the times I have bought a ticket and arrived at the station for my bus, it has been at the very least, an hour late. Not only are the buses constantly running late, but if you miss an important event because of their late arrival, they do not reimburse you for your ticket or any troubles you have had because of their buses. They also do not do transfers unless you pay about 20 extra dollars in cash up front which is absolutely ridiculous because half the time... More...
    casoco88's Picture   casoco88    0 Comments   Comments
  • No customer service

    Gracie should be fired, people need REAL HELP I drove an hour to pay for a ticket to get my son home I was told they would send it to the station and he could pick it up. WRONG the location was closed the guy went home and my son was STUCK!!! The place is closed till Monday I find out. Then I am told to have him go back to the station and give the driver the confirmation # WRONG driver won't let him on. Called the station I bought the ticket at I am told call customer service ARE YOU KIDDING they are all closed till Monday . How can a company not care to this extreme More...
  • Like traveling on an Eastern European airline

    The bus was announced as being 2 hours late coming into Austin. They're was no further information from the staff because they said they had no access to information. The bus was eventually 3 hours late. This would have it coming into Houston after 8 pm (although it still had not left the bus station when I left at 5:05 pm - it had been there, fully loaded, for 40 minutes at that point.) When I attempted to board the bus I asked the driver why it was so late. He accused me of having a bad attitude and made me wait to one side while other passengers got on - basically treating me like a... More...
    KenBurstall's Picture   KenBurstall    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bus Driver

    I visit my daughter often in Harrisburg, PA. i used to love to ride the bus, however, the driver Larry O'toole who drove from Harrisburg, PA to Pittsburg, PA on 6/2/2014 was the most rude person I have ever met. I was talking to another passenger and he butted in out conversation and told me I gave her the wrong answer and if I didn't know what I was talking about then I need to keep my mouth shut!! I am 63 years old and I do not need a idiot like this butting in on my conversation and giving his opinion when not asked. You need to fire him for his unprofessionalism!!!! More...
    rono1951's Picture   rono1951    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never choosing greyhound again

    been a repeated customer with greyhound for 4 years. They must have changed something this year, but I bought an escape fare ticket online ($40) and missed the departure time by a few hours, (11:30 am, took another bus at 4:15 pm). I never had an issue before with taking a different scheduled bus time as long as it still fell within the same day. they made me pay for an entirely new ticket ($80), in total I spent $120 for a One Way trip from Toronto to Ottawa. ridiculous. I'm not using greyhound again if I can help it, I'll stick with viarail. More...
    C111111's Picture   C111111    0 Comments   Comments
  • The bus is late. And still hasn't shown up

    We have been standing in a line for >one hour. This is ridiculous and a waste of time. I will strongly recommend to anyone never to use your buses. I am a very unhappy costumer and will never use your buses again. I am a student at cornell and a strong influence with local businesses. I strongly recommend that if this is a regular occurrence you should disclaim it when buying tickets or offer refunds. This is poor service and unacceptable from a business. More...
    Alex255's Picture   Alex255    0 Comments   Comments

    This is the worst unprofesional company I have ever dealt with ..Constantly time 10:55 pm didn't arrive till 2am REALLY ! I'm not talking 5-10 min ..I'm talking one ever answers phones when needed...I need this bus every weekend !!! When I do get to talk to customer service ..all I ever get is sorry..nothing we can so sad More...
    Bobbysue's Picture   Bobbysue    0 Comments   Comments

    i've been waiting on a refund for a year and half now. so i call them today and they tell me they will send me a voucher....i don't want a fucking voucher,after being stuck in ohio for 22 hours because it was no driver and missed my daughter graduation. IF YOU HAVE ANY MEANS BESIDES GREYHOUND TO TRAVEL DO IT....PERSONALLY I'LL WALK FROM NEW YORK TO L.A BEFORE I TAKE A FREE RIDE FROM GREYHOUND. THEY'RE CROOKS,THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND OFFER YOU SHITTY SERVICE BUT WHEN YOU CALL TO LET THEM KNOW OF THEY SHITTY SERVICE ITS THE CUSTOMERS FAULT. PLEASE IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE THATS... More...
    CELLOKING's Picture   CELLOKING    0 Comments   Comments
  • AC went out

    We left from Greyhound at the Downtown Houston, TX location on 4-11-2014 to Tucson Arizona to see family. Excited and anxious to go and not realizing the horrible trip and bad service we would receive. Our stop at Dallas was when the AC went out. Told us that it would take 6 hours to get a functional bus with AC. Everyone said no because 6 hrs is too much of a delay. Wondering if the system needed freon only? Anyway, the Driver did not continue with us and I heard him say "I'm out of here" and another driver took his place. A little bit insensitive right? Yes! Well... More...
    jrios1968's Picture   jrios1968    0 Comments   Comments
  • Leaving before schedule time and no reply from customer service

    My girlfriend and I was on the trip from Anaheim to Las Vegas two months ago and on the last stop in Barstow, we were told that we will get a 30 mins break. We arrived Barstow at 5.45pm and was told to get in the bus at 6.15pm. Unfortunately when we came out at 6.10pm the bus have already left. We went to the ticketing desk to make a complaint but was told nothing can be done but all they can do is to offer me another ride later after midnight. What made matter worse was that the place closes at 8pm and we will have to wait outside for the bus for the next couple of hours which doesn't... More...
    Joben2000's Picture   Joben2000    1 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service representatives don't understand the definition of "shortly"

    Purchased my roundtrip ticket from Milwaukee to Chicago online about a week before my trip. The way to Chicago was smooth. In Chicago station, however, our bus that was scheduled to leave on April 5th, 2014 at 9:45pm was running late. None of the team members told us that it was late, our line to the door figured it out themselves. After about an hour of standing in line, one of my line neighbors went and asked what was going on. They told him that the door on our original bus was broken and the new bus will arrive shortly. Still, no one made any announcements or apologized. After about... More...
  • Greyhound Bus is miserable at communication, not to mention showing up on time

    This morning was my third trip ever using Greyhound. My first trip was smooth and on time, but my second trip (Dallas to Austin) was over 2 hours late. As frustrating as that was, my issue was less with the delay (stuff happens) and more with their utter failure to communicate the fact that the bus had not yet shown up, when it might show up or even when it arrived. There are alternatives... I could have rented a car or taken another service if there were ANY INSIGHT AT ALL into the delay. This morning, at 5:40 AM I had a similar experience. Waiting for the bus from Austin to Dallas, I had... More...
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Greyhound Bus Comments

AndersonSmith says: (7 months ago)
This is very much great and hope fully nice blog. Every body can easily found her need able information. I am visit first time but I fond many use full article. I will back again when get time.

dreadgirl says: (1 year ago)
well what a bus this is. every time I take this bus from New Haven and Stamford Ct they always late. holiday or not. then I missed my bus home the last one and my friend in Hartford I called to take me home. I will be taking the Megga Bus from now on because the corporate office and staff don't give a rats ass about anyone but them selves. Leaving other customers on the way to Montreal Canada Stranded in New Haven. and the drivers were no help.

Zacharyvogt1 says: (1 year ago)
Ive been wanting to get on a Greyhound bus recently. Fuck it all 100% now and everything to do with it. Infinity timez infinity.

SavySHopper says: (1 year ago)
POOR customer service....a ticket with a connection was sold to a 15 year old girl; at the end of the first leg the connection no longer existed; the bus station was closing and she was put out on the street in an unfamiliar city; she had to call her sister to come over an hour one way to pick her up which was just as far if she had picked her up at her original location. Grey Hound was informed about this "error" and refused to do anything; NEVER use Grey Hound again.

dwoodcum says: (2 years ago)
I certainly hope someone in the corporate office is reading these emails. This is ridiculous. I have had the hardest time just trying to purchase a ticket for my son to come from Olympia, Washington to Valdosta, Georgia. Please get a grip and treat your customers right. I am surprise anyone even uses this company anymore. It used to be a respectable company but from the trouble I have had already and seeing all these complaints it doesn't seem to be a very good company at all

goofyasian says: (2 years ago)
Left for dead. Niagara Falls Falls to Toronto. Cancelled. 11:30pm Late night. Terminal kicked us out after 10:30pm. Snowing. Frozen to death. No refund offered.


Jarus says: (2 years ago)
Shitiest bus ever doesn't get on time doesn't care about customers, might as well close it down its of no use

pissedoffgirl says: (2 years ago)
Grey hound. Pisses me off they got my ticket date wrong on my voucher and were I live small country town we don't have a grey hound station to go get new tickets we called someone in baker city and they told me that there was nothing I could do to change it except drive to the closest station which is 5 hours away hell no I'm not driving. All the people on the oho e are rude ass people who need to get the stick out of there asses grrr! I'm so mad they need to help me or I will file a huge complaint to there dumb asses......

msnm says: (2 years ago)
Greyhound service is the worst, buses are always late, graffiti on windows and seats, air vents never work, they did not have a first aid kit onboard and we were stuck for about 4 hours in the desert. No water, who ever runs this company has no pride in the business. Time to open a new carier that treats it's customers like guests and not animals. The toilet on the second bus was not accessible for 3 hours due to jammed door.

abiyes says: (2 years ago)
Greyhound = NEVER AGAIN. I went to Niagara falls yesterday and took the bus that left at 9:15AM. It was a rainy day and on a weekday so I was expecting the crowds to be low. Who was I kidding? The bus was packed. There was not even one available seat. It was elbow to elbow. Arriving in Mississauga we picked up a few more people and this lady sat besides me. That woman flapped her mouth out during the entire trip. The only chat box in the bus had to come sit right besides me. Because of this of course I was not able to sleep unlike the other passengers.

On our way back, the bus was supposed to leave at 3:20PM. It showed up at 4:45PM and was already packed with people coming from the US. Therefore only a few of us was able to get in.

I will never, I repeat NEVER travel with your company ever again. It ruined what was supposed to be a beautiful day.

All the coach and megabus buses were on time. The only reason why I had to wait for your stupid bus is because I bought the 2 way ticket.

glav says: (3 years ago)
I took a Greyhound bus from Pittsburgh to NYC and will never take one again. Their website would not allow us to print a ticket and even though we had a bar code, a confirmation number and a printout, we were told we could not ride the bus. Customer service sent us to the bus driver and the bus driver sent us to customer service. We finally resolved the ticket problem (with no help from Greyhound) and thought the return would be better. I was mistaken as they would not let us get on the express bus and an 8 hour trip took us 12 hours. Never Again!!!!!!

ARMYGUY88 says: (3 years ago)
I see all these bad complaints. I have rode the bus several times within the past year. twice from DC to Chicago and twice in the past two weekends from DC to Hartford CT. Overall it has not been a bad experience. I think a lot of the travelers on these routes are middle class people and everyone respects everyone else. also everyone is more comofortable because most of the buses in the NE are the new MCI or Prevost and have plugs and WiFi so most people can keep themselves entertained. and inn the the NE there are some transfers within Peter Pan which also have nice buses

TravelingMan11 says: (3 years ago)
From the very first words I exchanged with the driver, I knew I would never be back. After attempting to make light humor with him, he told me "I don't do jokes sir, I don't play games." -So to the back of the bus I went! I transferred in Pittsburgh and boy was it an experience. The place was run down, poorly lit, and sketchy things were happening left and right. Had I not been so hungry I wouldn't have thought about touching the food. The bus I was supposed to board had somehow filled up already (though all of us from the previous bus had yet to get on) so we waited for over an hour while another driver was on his way. The next two buses, along with the previous one, were their old models, complete with mysterious stains on the ceiling since day one of operation. Sleep was impossible and courtesy was never found until I made it home (nearly kissed the ground)
I sound to be a bit meticulous here, but I just want to make it clear for anyone who is unsure if they should go with Greyhound or not... DON'T DO IT! I know my experience was far from one of a kind. This is the prime example of a run down company with poor management that places customer service on the bottom of their priorities.

Thank goodness for MegaBus!

TravelingMan11 says: (3 years ago)
From the very first words I exchanged with the driver, I knew I would never be back. After attempting to make light humor with him, he told me "I don't do jokes sir, I don't play games." -So to the back of the bus I went! I transferred in Pittsburgh and boy was it an experience. The place was run down, poorly lit, and sketchy things were happening left and right. Had I not been so hungry I wouldn't have thought about touching the food. The bus I was supposed to board had somehow filled up already (though all of us from the previous bus had yet to get on) so we waited for over an hour while another driver was on his way. The next two buses, along with the previous one, were their old models, complete with mysterious stains on the ceiling since day one of operation. Sleep was impossible and courtesy was never found until I made it home (nearly kissed the ground)
I sound to be a bit meticulous here, but I just want to make it clear for anyone who is unsure if they should go with Greyhound or not... DON'T DO IT! I know my experience was far from one of a kind. This is the prime example of a run down company with poor management that places customer service on the bottom of their priorities.

Thank goodness for MegaBus!

happytraveler says: (4 years ago)
I would like to commend Jerry Thorton an employee at the Austin,Texas station.He went above and beyond the call of duty.He helped me when I bought my ticket for my first bus trip ever (I am 60 yrs. old).He was so nice and pleasant and reassuring. Then when I got back from my trip,he was the one that finally located my missing luggage and had it forwarded to Austin.He really cares about his job and his place of employment,and that is the way that he carries himself.If I was an employer,I would hire this man in an instant.May this comment be forwarded to his personal file,he definetly deserves to be rewarded.I just can't say enough about him.GOD,will certainly bless him.David S.-I will ride the bus again!

Dollar says: (5 years ago)
I only wanted to compliment Jerry Hadley, my bus driver from Detroit to Indianapolis on April 7. He was so helpful and kind--he helped some of us with our heavy luggage and held an unbrella for those who were getting out in the rain. Please reward him for that extra effort he supplied to we travellers.
Also, I want to comment on the rude girl behind the ticket counter in Detroit--even though I smiled at her and tried to be pleasant, she was unbearable rude and curt.
Sincerely, E. Bays

Dollar says: (5 years ago)
I could like to compliment Jerry Hadley, the bus driver from Detroit to Indianapolis on April 7. He was so considerate--he helped some of us with our heavy luggage-which never happened to me before-and even held an umbrella for those getting off the bus in the rain for a short stop. He really impressed me and I thought I should bring him to your attention.
However, at the Detroit terminal earlier that day was a very rude girl at the ticket counter--she must have had some bad experiences that day. I tried to smile and be kind, but she was just that much "ruder" (if that is a word).
Thank you again for Jerry Hadley, a very helpful and kind man.
Sincerely, E. Bays

talkey15 says: (5 years ago)
i foubd the people cheaking me in dident know crape about anything. i toold the cleark that i was 15 and the web sight said that if u are under 15 u are a unsupervised chiled and the cleark still put me down as that and charged me an extara 5 dollars that i dident even give her !!!

talkey15 says: (5 years ago)
Im 15 and i dident like how the checking in people were so rude to me and my sis. On the way to my des,i found the ride to be very nice and comfortable.when i got off the bus and geting my 5 bags the bus driver was yealing at me because i had to show whare my dad was. the b driver was so mean and pushey.

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