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Greyhound Bus Reviews

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  • AC went out

    We left from Greyhound at the Downtown Houston, TX location on 4-11-2014 to Tucson Arizona to see family. Excited and anxious to go and not realizing the horrible trip and bad service we would receive. Our stop at Dallas was when the AC went out. Told us that it would take 6 hours to get a functional bus with AC. Everyone said no because 6 hrs is too much of a delay. Wondering if the system needed freon only? Anyway, the Driver did not continue with us and I heard him say "I'm out of here" and another driver took his place. A little bit insensitive right? Yes! Well... More...
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  • Leaving before schedule time and no reply from customer service

    My girlfriend and I was on the trip from Anaheim to Las Vegas two months ago and on the last stop in Barstow, we were told that we will get a 30 mins break. We arrived Barstow at 5.45pm and was told to get in the bus at 6.15pm. Unfortunately when we came out at 6.10pm the bus have already left. We went to the ticketing desk to make a complaint but was told nothing can be done but all they can do is to offer me another ride later after midnight. What made matter worse was that the place closes at 8pm and we will have to wait outside for the bus for the next couple of hours which doesn't... More...
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  • Customer Service representatives don't understand the definition of "shortly"

    Purchased my roundtrip ticket from Milwaukee to Chicago online about a week before my trip. The way to Chicago was smooth. In Chicago station, however, our bus that was scheduled to leave on April 5th, 2014 at 9:45pm was running late. None of the team members told us that it was late, our line to the door figured it out themselves. After about an hour of standing in line, one of my line neighbors went and asked what was going on. They told him that the door on our original bus was broken and the new bus will arrive shortly. Still, no one made any announcements or apologized. After about... More...
  • Greyhound Bus is miserable at communication, not to mention showing up on time

    This morning was my third trip ever using Greyhound. My first trip was smooth and on time, but my second trip (Dallas to Austin) was over 2 hours late. As frustrating as that was, my issue was less with the delay (stuff happens) and more with their utter failure to communicate the fact that the bus had not yet shown up, when it might show up or even when it arrived. There are alternatives... I could have rented a car or taken another service if there were ANY INSIGHT AT ALL into the delay. This morning, at 5:40 AM I had a similar experience. Waiting for the bus from Austin to Dallas, I had... More...
    ljohnnes's Picture   ljohnnes    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound Bus won't return my money

    Last August 2013 I purchased a round trip ticket from North Hollywood, CA to Oakland, CA. I waited for over two hours but the bus never showed. I only had the one day, the people I had planed to visit were not going to be available any other day. I talked to the person at the ticket desk, and he told me he would get me a full refund. I asked when I would see the money back in my account, and he told me within two weeks. I went back to my home in Virginia, and checked my bank account two weeks later. When I didn't see the money, I called the company. I was told sometimes these things... More...
  • Greyhound is terrible

    I bought a greyhound ticket yesterday traveling from St. Louis to Kansas City for today March 5th at 6:15 PM. I am currently on the bus and I know I will never be taking it again and will be telling anyone and everyone to never take it. We departed an hour late. That is not a huge problem, except that absolutely no explanation was given and no apology, either. They did not even acknowledge that we were so far behind schedule or tell us what was going on. Then, when the bus left, we noticed a terrible smell. Apparently, they forgot to clean out the bathrooms and empty them in St. Louis. It... More...
    ce7b9's Picture   ce7b9    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound has Terrible customer service and terrible bus service

    We bought a ticket and because we did not stay at this terminal for 3 days our boarding pass number was thrown out.. Customer service knows nothing they told us to come renew our tickets knowing the seats where already taken and they have the infomation right in front of them...The station was overcrowded and filthy. Since we didnt stay for 3 days while the bus was being delayed we had to get penalized. I will never recommend anyone or anything to this service..They should just shut down they have so many issues. More...
    NEYPAM's Picture   NEYPAM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unprofessional bus drivers

    I've just recently made the mistake of booking bus tickets with Greyhound and it is safe to say that I will never use them again. I had recently used them for my trip from Harrisburg to DC, and back and my experience with the bus drivers I've had were just plain awful. The drivers are so rude, unprofessional, and uneducated, and REALLY need to work on their social skills. It's just so appalling that these kind of people are even considered for hiring in the first place. On my trip back, I had made a mistake with printing the ticket. I will admit that it was entirely my... More...
    JoeyDee91's Picture   JoeyDee91    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound Bus Extremely Disrespectful to Costumers' Time

    I was supposed to take the bus today from Milwaukee to Chicago, to attend a meeting. I had purchased my ticket online, and arrived at the bus station this afternoon ready to board the bus. A few minutes after my arrival, it was announced that the bus would leave 2 hours later than scheduled. At that point, I would have missed the meeting, and therefore there was no point in going. I understand that sometimes there are problems with transportation -- especially with buses -- and that some things are beyond the company's control. This is not at all the issue. It is the appalling way... More...
    corinne78's Picture   corinne78    1 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound terrible trip for boyfriend

    My boyfriend takes a greyhound to visit me every couple of months from Topeka, KS to Texas. He got trapped in Shreveport during his last visit for 4 hours. They told him that the bus would only be delayed for 2 hours and then kept delaying the trip. This was extremely frustrating because they had loaded everyone on to the hot bus which wasn't running while it was 80 degrees outside. It was also very irritating because I live 2 hours away and couldn't go get him because by the time I got there the bus would have supposedly been fixed. This ruined our late Valentine's Day/... More...
  • Terrible Christmas trip!!

    I had just wrote a huge Complaint.. that did not seemly post.. So here goes another. I recently wanted to travel for christmas, and tried to get a bus ticket for the next day online. the online website had been saying it had all these tickets but when it came time to purchase none were working. So I decided to call the 1-800. which was even worse, he was disrespectful and argued with me that the online was accurate but then went on to tell me different times then what we're posted online. Eventually with my frustration I gave up and decided i would go to the local bus depot in the... More...
    woola's Picture   woola    0 Comments   Comments
  • Website Not Updated

    It is incredibly unprofessional for such a large company to leave ticket options on their website that are in truth no longer available. I have been monitoring the website, and would have booked the Advanced Purchase tickets if I had at any point been made aware that they were close to selling out. However, the website gave me every impression that the Advanced Purchase tickets were still available for purchase. So imagine my surprise when I went to book my trip and at the very last possible step I am informed my requested schedule isn't available. No further information, such as... More...
  • Greyhound Inconsiderate and Greedy

    I was booking a ticket for a trip I take on a weekly basis and due to internet problems my computer processed the ticket as the day I bought the ticket and when I called and explained the situation I was very coldly told, with an amazing amount of attitude, that the only solution was to go to the ticket and pay $20 to have the solution fixed. I spend 20.50 on the ticket... Was not worth the hassle to even attempt and I was still spending the money. The route I take has availability to continue FARTHER and you pay LESS because of "internet" and "advanced" purchase... More...
    may1310's Picture   may1310    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound Bus always late

    I live in a small town where, unfortunately, public transportation is limited. I take Greyhound from Marathon to Thunder Bay. I always select the schedule GLC5603 which supposedly departs from the station at 0430. The bus is always late (on many occasions, 2hrs where I have to stand out in the cold). Greyhound doesn't offer a sheltered waiting area. Also, there is no way to know when the bus arrives so you are left to guess and pray that you don't have to wait hours on the rickity bench under a street lamp. If you have no choice but Greyhound and are traveling in the Northwestern... More...
    vmill's Picture   vmill    1 Comments   Comments
  • expecting better results, or a lawyer will be with me on my trip.

    I am Jake McCaslin, my family and I have been traveling with grey hound for MANY years. my last trip from BIllings Montana to Myrtle Beach South Carolina was a mess (keep in mind this is a 3 day trip). The first bus driver that was a young small black girl who could barely see over the steering wheel, when she got on the bust she decided to stand up, look at all the people on the bus and told them that if anyone talks, sneeze, or so much caughs to loud she would pull the bus over and kick us off... I had a guitar in a (hard case) and at every stop I noticed that they were piling stuff ontop... More...
    JMcCaslin's Picture   JMcCaslin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Assault

    Name -anonymous; but schedule to leave from montreal to ottawa on monday 13 January, 2014 at 8.00 am., the incident expanded when my girlfriend apparently when on the bus to collect a document she needed for her departure when the bus driver approach her and raise his hand and push my girlfriend off the bus.....I am kindly asking management to look into this situation because booking a ticket on the greyhound again would not be an option for me..... More...
    blaxx's Picture   blaxx    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst exoerience ever!!

    Hello, I travelled from Mississauga , Ontario, Canada to Indianapolis, IN through greyhound. I booked the ticket online. The time mentioned was 17 hrs. But surprisingly, I reached there almost after 30 hrs. I have attached my online ticket for you to see the timings. They delayed my bus from buffalo saying that the bus is already too full. So I had to wait for the other bus and it automatically delayed me by 7 hours! I reached Indianapolis at 9.25 pm last night, whereas I was gonna reach there at 11:30 am. So I was delayed by 10 hours. I am also well aware that it is written on the ticket... More...
  • Coupon Vouchers

    Accompanying me were two other passengers, totaling three. We boarded a Greyhound Bus in Youngstown, Ohio, Thursday, December 12, 2013 with a destination of Florence, South Carolina. The bus driver missed his connection at the Fayetteville, North Carolina Station which resulted in an over night stay in the Fayettville, North Carolina Station. We finally reached our destination in Florence, South Carolina, Saturday, December 14, 2013. The Branch Manager promised us three coupon ticket vouchers at $100.00 each. As of to date we have not received our ticket vouchers. More...
  • Horrible Experience

    I would give greyhound 0 stars. By far the worst experience I have ever had. I booked travel from Newark Penn Station to Washington DC (Union Station) and had a horrible experience. There were two legs of the trip and the first leg was perfect. From Newark Penn Station to New York Penn station, everything was perfect and we left on time. The New York Penn station is where I had problems. The station is in horrible condition. The workers are absolutely useless to get information. The gate of departure was not specified. The bus never arrived that we were supposed to take. There were more... More...
  • Greyhound bus screwed us!!

    So my mother-in law and 2 nieces took the greyhound from California to Arizona and had no problems what so ever. Going home however was a disaster. I will never ever recommend greyhound to anyone! So tickets going back were for 12:30pm and the 3 of them arrived at 12. Like it says, arrive a half hour before. So when they were getting ready to board, there was not enough room for all three to sit together. My husband was told sorry, the 8 year olds have to sit with a stranger for 8 hours. What the hell!! Since when would anyone ever split up kids on a bus for 8 hours?? So the guy tells my... More...
    suppafreak98's Picture   suppafreak98    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rudest and illiterate drivers

    I understand that bus drivers have probably never seen school in their life but that does not mean they show the frustration on passengers. I remember taking a bus from AR to VA. There was a point where you would get down the bus and handover the luggage and it would be transferred to another bus connecting to VA. So i wanted to make sure we were to carry the luggage and drop it in another bus or they would and asked the same to driver. To my utter shock the driver takes the mic available or whatever it is and said look at the dumb guy who does not know if the luggage would be transferred... More...
    karthik's Picture   karthik    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound is heartless!

    My spouse and I just purchased a ticket for a friend who is in town for a funeral... She wasn't able to get hold of the person she is staying with before the departure time so she is essentially stranded and without any of her belongings. We have offered to pay whatever fee is necessary to switch the time and date on the ticket, but Greyhound flat-out refuses to help us and insists that we must pay full price for the next day bus, even though they are fully aware that we have now paid for a service that will not be used. The bus is not even sold out yet and so they are not losing... More...
    psycharelic's Picture   psycharelic    0 Comments   Comments
  • Confusing and Misleading

    I have bought tickets for Greyhound to visit family over the Christmas holidays. I have a 7 month old son who will be traveling with me. The commercials and the website all say children under 2 ride free. However they do not tell you that for one your baby can not have luggage under the bus unless you pay for a ticket. I am very upset I am a disabled passenger on a fixed income and had they been upfront with the rules for a Baby I would be able to prepare for the extra charges. I called customer serves and they told me yes he gets a bag underneath, But when I go to pick up the ticket I was... More...
    caja171's Picture   caja171    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest and Corrupt

    I recently went online to purchase my husband a Greyhound bus ticket so that he could come home for Christmas and on my first attempt to buy a ticket I was told that the station in Cheyenne, WY was not a station that he could buy a ticket for online (even though it was listed on the online options) then I tried to change it to the station in Ft. Collins, CO and was then told that he would have to print his ticket off at home (which he could not do because he does not have access to a printer or internet, hence why I was buying his ticket for him online to be picked up at will call). On my... More...
    nicoliog's Picture   nicoliog    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disgraceful Greyhound Bus Driver

    I had a horrible experience on the greyhound bus from Chicago to Detroit on December 18. It started with the bus driver announcing we had no plug in outlets or Wyfi and hoped our cell phones would go dead! Then we got to Kalamazoo and was told we had a 10 minute break and if we were late we would be left behind and there would be no further breaks til Detroit! About an hour later the driver pulls up to a truck stop and told us he decided he would give us 10minutes to get food and if we were late he would leave us behind! Then about half hour later he pulls into a rest area off the... More...
    Georgygirl's Picture   Georgygirl    1 Comments   Comments

    well now going on 5 hour delay. bus broken down in Knoxville. greyhound does not seem to care about customers. Nothing offered as free lunch in area while waiting or some rebate for local place to eat. They don't even send a back up bus to knoxville, just say, well your 8:45AM bus might leave knoxville at 12:00 noon,maybe.It was bus breakdown. I believe they should be responsible. Airlines after such wait for plane failures, give rebates for airport restaurants.The rest rooms are also disgusting. greyhound sucks. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!!!! More...
  • horrible n terified

    Is it greyhound they don't care about customers they only care about money now I'm in a horable bus going to cape town from durban they are a lot of cockrorch I just tell the bus attendance but she don't give a damm instead she's yelling at me the worse part when I stated to eat I found two of it on my food the bus number is 2025 if u can reply u can contact me at More...
    sanelezm's Picture   sanelezm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Warning: Beware of the Greyhound Nazi !

    Consider yourself warned. There is a Greyhound Bus Nazi in NY PABT. If you do not follow his exact instructions, or if you dare ask a question, you will be told to step aside and wait for the next bus. First of all, know that Greyhound's main priority is to make money. They over sell their tickets resulting in many customers not being able to board the bus they intended to and having to wait an hour or two for the next one. In addition we found NY PABT to be completely unorganized. The gates were improperly marked and customers were given conflicting information. People were standing... More...
    MrPB's Picture   MrPB    0 Comments   Comments
  • Three strikes

    I've run into problems with Greyhound every time I try to use them for travel. When trying to purchase a ticket online, the first and third time, my card is automatically declined - though I have funds more than sufficient for the ticket price; they give me a phone number to call and fix this, and once I get to customer service through that number, they tell me I should call a different number for customer service. After waiting over an hour on the phone, customer service was unhelpful and directed me to call my credit card company, who weren't the ones responsible for it anyway.... More...
    rollenmuziek's Picture   rollenmuziek    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound bus took 8 1/2 hours from Boston (MA) to White Plains (NY)!

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I took the GLI-3469 bus from Boston on last October 6 (Sunday). It was supposed to leave at 5:45 pm, instead it left at 6:00 pm. Moreover, we had to stop in Connecticut because of a problem at one of the bus tires. The driver told us we had to wait 1, 2 or 4 hours (he didn't know exactly) for another bus to come and take us. At the end we waited 3 hours there, and I got to White Plains at 2:10 am on Monday morning, instead of at 11:35 pm on Sunday night! I believe this trip took way too long. I think every passenger experiencing such a trip should be eligible for a ticket refund!... More...
    xenoyd's Picture   xenoyd    1 Comments   Comments
  • Rude at Port Authority

    My daughter bought an advance bus ticket, and because of a late class did not arrive one hour before her bus left. She was still there in plenty of time, but they would not let her on the bus. She sat in Port Authority for FIVE HOURS and through three more buses without being able to get on, then was told that she would have to shell out another $20 to 'exchange' her ticket, because she hadn't used it in time. Unbelievable! She was in tears over how rude they were to her. So there she is at MIDNIGHT ALL ALONE IN PORT AUTHORITY and had to schlep all her stuff back to NYU by... More...
  • so scared

    I have just returned from a trip on the greyhound bus. The first trip and last. I was returning home to Alabama and in NC the bus driver had everyone intimidated by saying if he heard anyone talk he would put them off the bus. He kept the bus very cold. He was speeding and driving recklessly. I thought we were going to be in a wreck. Don't the bus drivers have some training? More...
    reckless's Picture   reckless    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shreveport Greyhound Customer Represenatives are Rude Crude and Thiefs

    A homeless person gathered enough money to make the trip back to New Hampshire. She missed her 3:20 AM bus, she attempted to pay the $20.00 change fee, however, the Customer Service Rep continually kept telling her that her ticket had no value and that she would have to purchase another $231.00 dollar ticket. We called all the numbers listed on their websites, however, no one could help us. Until, I called the Texarkana Location. We drove from Shreveport to Texarkana. The ladys at the Texarkana location are ANGELS from above. They searched for bus schedules and reissued her ticket... More...
    jackbedamned's Picture   jackbedamned    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound in St. George

    I was scheduled on a round trip from Katy, Tx. to St. George, Ut. and when trying to go home the bus was overbooked and I was refused to be rescheduled. I'm no expert but last I checked you are supposed to at least reschedule the connections. I'm not sure if the lady was having a bad day or what but I now have to miss work for another week. Also on the trip up here my bus caught on fire and my connection going to Dallas was delayed an hour. My trip to St. George wound up being delayed 9 hours total and now they won't let me go home. Wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit if... More...
    NickyG's Picture   NickyG    1 Comments   Comments
  • Most terrifying experience that I have ever had with a bus driver

    We were waiting at the Niagara Falls station for the bus who was supposed to arrive at 10:35 PM on Sep. 22th, 2013 to take us to Toronto. After waiting more than 50 minutes, a greyhound bus arrived. As soon as the driver got out of the bus, he started yelling angrily "I can%u2019t pick up all of you because I am coming from New York. Line up here and I just pick you up as a first come first served basis." After this, one of the passengers told him "we were waiting for a long time, if you can%u2019t pick us up what we can do? (He asked this in a very civilized manner, not... More...
    saraesfa's Picture   saraesfa    3 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound in Charlotte/Monroe NC

    Back in January I rode one of your buses from Charlotte to Ohio. After getting home I found I had a bug I had never had before in my house. I've been actively attempting to rid myself of these pest since, which I assumed came from the hotel I stayed at. I again rode one of your buses from Charlotte NC to SC (just last week), while on it a passenger alerted me that there was a bug climbing on me. It was a BEDBUG! The exact same bug I've been battling in my home since the first time I rode one of your buses. To say I'm disgusted is an understatement. I will WALK before I ever... More...
    HLP72's Picture   HLP72    1 Comments   Comments
  • Disrespect to customers, delays, harassment

    Bus 1:15 PM Philadelphia to NY on Sunday, September 8, 2013, left at 1:50 PM without explanation and excuses for delay. The driver had an attitude from the beginning with the travelers, in my case meling comments on the spelling of my name making me feel bad just because I'd not American. The bus was not cleaned after previous trip having all the garbage, like food and drinks leftovers on the chairs and floor. The driver did not introduce himself once he closed the door and did not announced the route, nor the riding rules like all other drivers do. At the first bus stop did not say... More...
  • Greyhound Bus Company of Inconvenience

    I purchased a round trip ticket and the e-mail confirmation only sent the first half. Greyhound told me I had to purchase a new ticket since I could not print the second half (THAT THEY DID NOT SEND). Also, I learned even if you purchase a ticket it does not guarantee you a spot on the bus... so be careful. Customer service over the phone re-reads and repeats what is already printed on website, so if you are looking for help, you will not find it. Even when they mess up, the best you can do is get a voucher. In the end, the only positive thing about greyhound is the price. I guess you get... More...
    10987654321's Picture   10987654321    2 Comments   Comments
  • Express Bus Has Broken Down

    I am on the express bus from Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL that has a departure time 8:45 am. Our bus got broken down in the middle of the highway. When the bus driver called the bus garage for help, they told him to keep going after we waited for 30. min in the middle of the highway. So, the driver kept going. However, the bus got broken again in the middle of another highway!! We have been waiting here, in the middle of the road for the last 5 hours for someone to come and pick us up!! There is still no news! This was supposed to be an express bus. I have had plans according to the... More...
  • Bus broke down and waiting in the middle of the highway!!

    Our bus has broken down when we just left Atlanta, GA. When the bus driver called the bus garage for help, they apparently told him to keep moving. So we waited in the middle of the road for 30 min. and then kept going. However, the bus got broken down again in the middle of another highway!! Now, we are waiting for another bus come and pick us. It has been already 4 hours, and we are still waiting. This was supposed to be a "express" bus. Can I please lodge a complain and get a refund for this trip? More...
    mkaraman's Picture   mkaraman    1 Comments   Comments
  • poor customer service, animals have more value than Greyhound

    family of 6 bought tickets prior to Friday's journey from Oklahoma City to Houston. On Wednesday morning we took my daughter to the doctor who found out she couldn't travel based on her condition. then we got a letter from him recommending that we should refundour bus tickets. Then on that very day I went to the Greyhound office to tell them what the doctor said and they referredme to their corporate office- I have written them with all my tickets, and up until now they haven't contacted me back. More...
    ucgwegajdf's Picture   ucgwegajdf    1 Comments   Comments
  • I could have died on Greyhound!

    On my trip from Sacramento to Dillon Montana, upon getting on the bus, it reeked of stale urine and feces, like the bus has not been properly cleaned, then, the driver kept falling asleep at the wheel, several times running the bus off of the road over the rumble strips, then about 150 miles outside of Salt Lake the driver pulled into this little truck stop, locking the passengers on the bus several times, while she napped for over 4 hours until a relief driver showed up in a taxi!finally arriving at Salt Lake, 4 hours late and 2 hours late for my connecting bus, the ticket agents and one... More...
  • Greyhond be Burlington VT to Montreal

    Greyhound bus from Burlington to Montreal arrived around 12:12 when its scheduled departure was 12:01pm. It is 12:40 and we still haven't left. There was no communication as to why it was delayed and no information on what would happen next, how long it might take before we could leave and no announcement what time we could expect to arrive at our destination.. Terrible way to deal with travelers. There were senior cititzens and children.! More...
    NHTraveler's Picture   NHTraveler    1 Comments   Comments

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Greyhound Bus Comments

AndersonSmith says: (1 month ago)
This is very much great and hope fully nice blog. Every body can easily found her need able information. I am visit first time but I fond many use full article. I will back again when get time.

dreadgirl says: (6 months ago)
well what a bus this is. every time I take this bus from New Haven and Stamford Ct they always late. holiday or not. then I missed my bus home the last one and my friend in Hartford I called to take me home. I will be taking the Megga Bus from now on because the corporate office and staff don't give a rats ass about anyone but them selves. Leaving other customers on the way to Montreal Canada Stranded in New Haven. and the drivers were no help.

Zacharyvogt1 says: (7 months ago)
Ive been wanting to get on a Greyhound bus recently. Fuck it all 100% now and everything to do with it. Infinity timez infinity.

SavySHopper says: (11 months ago)
POOR customer service....a ticket with a connection was sold to a 15 year old girl; at the end of the first leg the connection no longer existed; the bus station was closing and she was put out on the street in an unfamiliar city; she had to call her sister to come over an hour one way to pick her up which was just as far if she had picked her up at her original location. Grey Hound was informed about this "error" and refused to do anything; NEVER use Grey Hound again.

dwoodcum says: (1 year ago)
I certainly hope someone in the corporate office is reading these emails. This is ridiculous. I have had the hardest time just trying to purchase a ticket for my son to come from Olympia, Washington to Valdosta, Georgia. Please get a grip and treat your customers right. I am surprise anyone even uses this company anymore. It used to be a respectable company but from the trouble I have had already and seeing all these complaints it doesn't seem to be a very good company at all

goofyasian says: (1 year ago)
Left for dead. Niagara Falls Falls to Toronto. Cancelled. 11:30pm Late night. Terminal kicked us out after 10:30pm. Snowing. Frozen to death. No refund offered.


Jarus says: (1 year ago)
Shitiest bus ever doesn't get on time doesn't care about customers, might as well close it down its of no use

pissedoffgirl says: (1 year ago)
Grey hound. Pisses me off they got my ticket date wrong on my voucher and were I live small country town we don't have a grey hound station to go get new tickets we called someone in baker city and they told me that there was nothing I could do to change it except drive to the closest station which is 5 hours away hell no I'm not driving. All the people on the oho e are rude ass people who need to get the stick out of there asses grrr! I'm so mad they need to help me or I will file a huge complaint to there dumb asses......

msnm says: (2 years ago)
Greyhound service is the worst, buses are always late, graffiti on windows and seats, air vents never work, they did not have a first aid kit onboard and we were stuck for about 4 hours in the desert. No water, who ever runs this company has no pride in the business. Time to open a new carier that treats it's customers like guests and not animals. The toilet on the second bus was not accessible for 3 hours due to jammed door.

abiyes says: (2 years ago)
Greyhound = NEVER AGAIN. I went to Niagara falls yesterday and took the bus that left at 9:15AM. It was a rainy day and on a weekday so I was expecting the crowds to be low. Who was I kidding? The bus was packed. There was not even one available seat. It was elbow to elbow. Arriving in Mississauga we picked up a few more people and this lady sat besides me. That woman flapped her mouth out during the entire trip. The only chat box in the bus had to come sit right besides me. Because of this of course I was not able to sleep unlike the other passengers.

On our way back, the bus was supposed to leave at 3:20PM. It showed up at 4:45PM and was already packed with people coming from the US. Therefore only a few of us was able to get in.

I will never, I repeat NEVER travel with your company ever again. It ruined what was supposed to be a beautiful day.

All the coach and megabus buses were on time. The only reason why I had to wait for your stupid bus is because I bought the 2 way ticket.

glav says: (2 years ago)
I took a Greyhound bus from Pittsburgh to NYC and will never take one again. Their website would not allow us to print a ticket and even though we had a bar code, a confirmation number and a printout, we were told we could not ride the bus. Customer service sent us to the bus driver and the bus driver sent us to customer service. We finally resolved the ticket problem (with no help from Greyhound) and thought the return would be better. I was mistaken as they would not let us get on the express bus and an 8 hour trip took us 12 hours. Never Again!!!!!!

ARMYGUY88 says: (3 years ago)
I see all these bad complaints. I have rode the bus several times within the past year. twice from DC to Chicago and twice in the past two weekends from DC to Hartford CT. Overall it has not been a bad experience. I think a lot of the travelers on these routes are middle class people and everyone respects everyone else. also everyone is more comofortable because most of the buses in the NE are the new MCI or Prevost and have plugs and WiFi so most people can keep themselves entertained. and inn the the NE there are some transfers within Peter Pan which also have nice buses

TravelingMan11 says: (3 years ago)
From the very first words I exchanged with the driver, I knew I would never be back. After attempting to make light humor with him, he told me "I don't do jokes sir, I don't play games." -So to the back of the bus I went! I transferred in Pittsburgh and boy was it an experience. The place was run down, poorly lit, and sketchy things were happening left and right. Had I not been so hungry I wouldn't have thought about touching the food. The bus I was supposed to board had somehow filled up already (though all of us from the previous bus had yet to get on) so we waited for over an hour while another driver was on his way. The next two buses, along with the previous one, were their old models, complete with mysterious stains on the ceiling since day one of operation. Sleep was impossible and courtesy was never found until I made it home (nearly kissed the ground)
I sound to be a bit meticulous here, but I just want to make it clear for anyone who is unsure if they should go with Greyhound or not... DON'T DO IT! I know my experience was far from one of a kind. This is the prime example of a run down company with poor management that places customer service on the bottom of their priorities.

Thank goodness for MegaBus!

TravelingMan11 says: (3 years ago)
From the very first words I exchanged with the driver, I knew I would never be back. After attempting to make light humor with him, he told me "I don't do jokes sir, I don't play games." -So to the back of the bus I went! I transferred in Pittsburgh and boy was it an experience. The place was run down, poorly lit, and sketchy things were happening left and right. Had I not been so hungry I wouldn't have thought about touching the food. The bus I was supposed to board had somehow filled up already (though all of us from the previous bus had yet to get on) so we waited for over an hour while another driver was on his way. The next two buses, along with the previous one, were their old models, complete with mysterious stains on the ceiling since day one of operation. Sleep was impossible and courtesy was never found until I made it home (nearly kissed the ground)
I sound to be a bit meticulous here, but I just want to make it clear for anyone who is unsure if they should go with Greyhound or not... DON'T DO IT! I know my experience was far from one of a kind. This is the prime example of a run down company with poor management that places customer service on the bottom of their priorities.

Thank goodness for MegaBus!

happytraveler says: (4 years ago)
I would like to commend Jerry Thorton an employee at the Austin,Texas station.He went above and beyond the call of duty.He helped me when I bought my ticket for my first bus trip ever (I am 60 yrs. old).He was so nice and pleasant and reassuring. Then when I got back from my trip,he was the one that finally located my missing luggage and had it forwarded to Austin.He really cares about his job and his place of employment,and that is the way that he carries himself.If I was an employer,I would hire this man in an instant.May this comment be forwarded to his personal file,he definetly deserves to be rewarded.I just can't say enough about him.GOD,will certainly bless him.David S.-I will ride the bus again!

Dollar says: (4 years ago)
I only wanted to compliment Jerry Hadley, my bus driver from Detroit to Indianapolis on April 7. He was so helpful and kind--he helped some of us with our heavy luggage and held an unbrella for those who were getting out in the rain. Please reward him for that extra effort he supplied to we travellers.
Also, I want to comment on the rude girl behind the ticket counter in Detroit--even though I smiled at her and tried to be pleasant, she was unbearable rude and curt.
Sincerely, E. Bays

Dollar says: (4 years ago)
I could like to compliment Jerry Hadley, the bus driver from Detroit to Indianapolis on April 7. He was so considerate--he helped some of us with our heavy luggage-which never happened to me before-and even held an umbrella for those getting off the bus in the rain for a short stop. He really impressed me and I thought I should bring him to your attention.
However, at the Detroit terminal earlier that day was a very rude girl at the ticket counter--she must have had some bad experiences that day. I tried to smile and be kind, but she was just that much "ruder" (if that is a word).
Thank you again for Jerry Hadley, a very helpful and kind man.
Sincerely, E. Bays

talkey15 says: (5 years ago)
i foubd the people cheaking me in dident know crape about anything. i toold the cleark that i was 15 and the web sight said that if u are under 15 u are a unsupervised chiled and the cleark still put me down as that and charged me an extara 5 dollars that i dident even give her !!!

talkey15 says: (5 years ago)
Im 15 and i dident like how the checking in people were so rude to me and my sis. On the way to my des,i found the ride to be very nice and comfortable.when i got off the bus and geting my 5 bags the bus driver was yealing at me because i had to show whare my dad was. the b driver was so mean and pushey.

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