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Greyhound Bus Reviews

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    I am awaiting ticket refund since February 8th - thats 3 months! It is for my mom who is a senior and disabled. I have been calling Greyhound every 2 weeks since February and the matter has been investigated. They promise that the refund money will be in account in the next 5 days - thats every time I call, but no refund for 3 MONTHS now! reference # 335191 More...
    irena3p's Picture   irena3p    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound Sucks!

    Greyhound absolutely sucks! My son and his friend were traveling from Steamboat Springs Colorado to Denver on Christmas Day. We paid $200.00 for tickets. The bus never showed up and in fact they cancelled the route without telling us so my children waited at the station for an hour. Wait, it gets worse!! When we called to try and reschedule, we got connected to a call center in the Philippines. The agent didn't have a clue and so they were useless. The next day we went back to the Steamboat Springs bus station. My children were able to board the bus; however, the bus was due to... More...
    winerk's Picture   winerk    1 Comments   Comments
  • Texting and driving? Yelling at young women with babies?

    Traveling from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Kenora, Ontario was a relatively pleasant experience. This was my first time going anywhere on a Greyhound Bus and it was better than expected. My trip back, however, was not as pleasant. We had two drivers. The first driver took us from Kenora to Minaki and then switched with another driver to a different coach. The first driver started off our drive by doing his paperwork while driving, and then openly texting on his cell phone while the vehicle was moving. All in all, he was a pleasant man compared to the second man, however, who got on the bus and... More...
    clearlyjoyful's Picture   clearlyjoyful    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound Bus Horrible Ride

    I travel via Greyhound bus to Jacksonville, FL. It had been many, many years since I rode a commercial bus. The last I can recall, Trailways were in business, so that should tell you my age. But, what I recall during those days were a nice, coach ride. The seats were roomy and cushion well, offering support to back, and bottom. Also, the ride itself was smooth, you could recline and actually go to sleep on the bus. But, not this time. I took the bus too and from Jacksonville, FL, departing from Albany, GA. The trip to Jacksonville was much nicer, although the driver wasn't very... More...
    maggieanng's Picture   maggieanng    0 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound Bus - Rude Driver

    I traveled from Washington DC to Newark, NJ on the 10:00 AM - 2:40 PM Greyhound bus. The bus schedule number was GLI-2318. My ticket confirmation number - 34508326. The driver of the bus behaved very unprofessionally and was extremely rude. He had blocked off one seat by keeping his bag there (this is the seat with priority for the disabled). Once the bus started moving I realised no one was using that and I asked the driver if I could sit there. He told me to go back to my seat as he was saving that seat for a disabled person who was supposed to board at Baltimore. Once we reach Baltimore... More...
    vikram187's Picture   vikram187    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude workers/ announcements not clear

    I traveled over the Christmas holiday. My first encounter (in Omaha)on my return trip, I asked a worker a question about the bus destination. The male worker raised his voice at me and stated I just told you where the bus was going (which by the way was the wrong information). Rude behavior is not acceptable! My next encounter happened in Dallas, we never heard the bus announce, the person announcing was a Hispanic female who's English was very unclear. I was listening attentively and wasn't the only one who missed the bus. Maybe the digital screen should display departures... More...
    Tdberry1229l's Picture   Tdberry1229l    2 Comments   Comments
  • Greyhound bus late and overbooked

    Arrived well before departure, checked baggage, staff friendly and helpful, as far as standards in Penn Station Newark are concerned. No complaint there. Bus was over thirty minutes late, understandable, but not acceptable. HOWEVER, for whatever reason, eight to ten PAID TICKETHOLDERS were left at the curb because the bus was overbooked (?) I do have sympathy for the driver, the poor man took a real verbal beating and seemed to retain his composure. Luckily the passenger I took to the station had the good fortune of me remaining until she boarded, which did not happen. We got in my car and... More...
    PennOnTheCurb's Picture   PennOnTheCurb    1 Comments   Comments
  • They call that Wi Fi?

    I have only one complaint! I have ridden greyhound several times now, and noticed they have wi fi now, but I would call it virtually non existent. I accessed it and the first page to pop up after only a few seconds was the disclaimer asking I accept terms before I get Wi Fi. That is no problem and is to be expected, but when I tried to log into my E-mail, it took about an hour and some 25 tries to get the page to load, and that is just G-mail. It would be better to take away the false hope, that I can check my mail, let alone play games and chat with friends like the disclaimer says I can do. More...
    LordRuric's Picture   LordRuric    16 Comments   Comments
  • Never again

    I planned a trip from NYC to Syracuse. My bus was scheduled to leave at 7:00Am and when it finally arrived the driver said he was only taking passengers that were going to Toronto. When we asked the driver when the next bus would arrive, he stated “in a few minutes” and shut to door in our face. After an hour passed passengers starting leaving the line in search for information. The few minutes turned into a couple of hours. I stood in the line from 6:00am until 9:15 and no one came from Port Authority y came out to tell us anything. They tell you to be there an hour early and... More...
    thelyn29's Picture   thelyn29    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Service

    I traveled from Nanaimo, BC to Toronto recently by Greyhound. While in BC service was great...the drivers were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable (except the guy at the Nanaimo Terminal who was telling me the trip to Toronto was 33 hours when in fact it is 72 hours). Outside of BC, wow, different service. So unfriendly and uncaring. The bus driver in Regina threw out some of my belongings from the bus after garbage collection! I was furious! Now to go home and repurchase these items will end up costing me more than an airline ticket! (price of bus plus re-buying items) Nope, no one... More...
    gracehop's Picture   gracehop    0 Comments   Comments


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