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Greyhound Bus Reviews

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  • bad service from greyhound employee

    on 16/07/2015 i went to your branch (park station) to purchase two ticket(citiliner) for myself and mydaughter and i received a bad attitude and bad service from your employee unfortunately they didnt put their name badges she was busy talking while she assisting me she didn't even request my identity she even captured incorrect information (title,captured incorrect fee for my daughter when i told her that the other person is for a child she sad why i did not inform her and i toher her that not my job inform you u wer supposed to ask me that she said to me give me the cellphone numbers... More...
  • useless web site!

    Hi I had to purchase a ticket over the phone becasue ur web site, .ca & .com was not working...i knew i had to rpint the ticket and she said she send it to my email. Well I got the email but it sends me back to your useless FUCKING web site. now what? No after 1.5 still on the same subject..I AM on hold with your web suport. WTF? never again will I use grey hound because really, even after you hearding this issue your site has...there is still nothing you can do?!!! I asked if I can have the ticket for me at least...ATLEAST if one of your useless agents could print my... More...
  • Bus stations - nobody answers phone

    I had a family membef travel in and rcvd conflicting arrivals times. I called the 1-800# for Greyhound and they could not verify the arrival time for me. They DID give me the same number I had for the arrival station, apasswordnd then gave me the phone number for the departure station and also they station where the passengers were changing buses and they rang without being answered. I called the 1 800 number again and asked them to call the numbers so they could see what happens and they said they could not call out. I guess the 4 hour discrepancy I had to manage wasnt their concern... More...
  • All that exist

    My name is Ricardo Tronconi I am one way to San Diego to a friend that passed away last weekend. I wanted to make sure I got here at the station on 7th in LOs Angeles so I took a Lyft ($20) so I got here aroun 220-225am and my bus was supposed to leave at 245am well come to see is gone, so a gentleman tells me just go to door 16 and they will take you on that bus at 4:15am guess what the driver doesn't want to take me cause is full and he questions me what is he supposed to do. So I go to front desk te girl is on her cell phone the hold conversation and chewing gum. I told her what had... More...
  • unused portion

    my son got off his bus to Boston in Lewiston Maine because the bus driver stated "Lewiston" and my son thought he said "Last stop" the driver English was not clear and besides should not the driver have checked the baggage ticket to very name of owner and destination of passenger. My son never traveled alone before. I would like a refund for the "UNUSED" portion of the ticket More...
  • nonrefundable tickets in a emergency

    I paid for a nonrefundable one-way ticket from Greenville,Tx to Sacramento,Ca with greyhound for my sister who is in a abusive relationship with her baby's father. She and her baby went to Texas to visit her baby's father side of the family. Now this man and his grandmother are holding my sister and niece hostage. He is beating my sister and my niece. So i paid for her a ticket to get home on July 22nd. She was unable to use it because the babies father beat her and would not let her leave or use the phone or anything. I called greyhound to try and reschedule so my sister can... More...
  • No customer service

    Gracie should be fired, people need REAL HELP I drove an hour to pay for a ticket to get my son home I was told they would send it to the station and he could pick it up. WRONG the location was closed the guy went home and my son was STUCK!!! The place is closed till Monday I find out. Then I am told to have him go back to the station and give the driver the confirmation # WRONG driver won't let him on. Called the station I bought the ticket at I am told call customer service ARE YOU KIDDING they are all closed till Monday . How can a company not care to this extreme More...
  • Website Not Updated

    It is incredibly unprofessional for such a large company to leave ticket options on their website that are in truth no longer available. I have been monitoring the website, and would have booked the Advanced Purchase tickets if I had at any point been made aware that they were close to selling out. However, the website gave me every impression that the Advanced Purchase tickets were still available for purchase. So imagine my surprise when I went to book my trip and at the very last possible step I am informed my requested schedule isn't available. No further information, such as... More...
  • Worst exoerience ever!!

    Hello, I travelled from Mississauga , Ontario, Canada to Indianapolis, IN through greyhound. I booked the ticket online. The time mentioned was 17 hrs. But surprisingly, I reached there almost after 30 hrs. I have attached my online ticket for you to see the timings. They delayed my bus from buffalo saying that the bus is already too full. So I had to wait for the other bus and it automatically delayed me by 7 hours! I reached Indianapolis at 9.25 pm last night, whereas I was gonna reach there at 11:30 am. So I was delayed by 10 hours. I am also well aware that it is written on the ticket... More...
  • Coupon Vouchers

    Accompanying me were two other passengers, totaling three. We boarded a Greyhound Bus in Youngstown, Ohio, Thursday, December 12, 2013 with a destination of Florence, South Carolina. The bus driver missed his connection at the Fayetteville, North Carolina Station which resulted in an over night stay in the Fayettville, North Carolina Station. We finally reached our destination in Florence, South Carolina, Saturday, December 14, 2013. The Branch Manager promised us three coupon ticket vouchers at $100.00 each. As of to date we have not received our ticket vouchers. More...

    well now going on 5 hour delay. bus broken down in Knoxville. greyhound does not seem to care about customers. Nothing offered as free lunch in area while waiting or some rebate for local place to eat. They don't even send a back up bus to knoxville, just say, well your 8:45AM bus might leave knoxville at 12:00 noon,maybe.It was bus breakdown. I believe they should be responsible. Airlines after such wait for plane failures, give rebates for airport restaurants.The rest rooms are also disgusting. greyhound sucks. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!!!! More...
  • Disrespect to customers, delays, harassment

    Bus 1:15 PM Philadelphia to NY on Sunday, September 8, 2013, left at 1:50 PM without explanation and excuses for delay. The driver had an attitude from the beginning with the travelers, in my case meling comments on the spelling of my name making me feel bad just because I'd not American. The bus was not cleaned after previous trip having all the garbage, like food and drinks leftovers on the chairs and floor. The driver did not introduce himself once he closed the door and did not announced the route, nor the riding rules like all other drivers do. At the first bus stop did not say... More...
  • Express Bus Has Broken Down

    I am on the express bus from Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL that has a departure time 8:45 am. Our bus got broken down in the middle of the highway. When the bus driver called the bus garage for help, they told him to keep going after we waited for 30. min in the middle of the highway. So, the driver kept going. However, the bus got broken again in the middle of another highway!! We have been waiting here, in the middle of the road for the last 5 hours for someone to come and pick us up!! There is still no news! This was supposed to be an express bus. I have had plans according to the... More...
  • I could have died on Greyhound!

    On my trip from Sacramento to Dillon Montana, upon getting on the bus, it reeked of stale urine and feces, like the bus has not been properly cleaned, then, the driver kept falling asleep at the wheel, several times running the bus off of the road over the rumble strips, then about 150 miles outside of Salt Lake the driver pulled into this little truck stop, locking the passengers on the bus several times, while she napped for over 4 hours until a relief driver showed up in a taxi!finally arriving at Salt Lake, 4 hours late and 2 hours late for my connecting bus, the ticket agents and one... More...
  • No provision to change online ticket.

    Complaint Description: I accidentally scheduled my ticket one week later than I should have. Greyhound has absolutely no provision to change the ticket. Late last night I scheduled a trip to Dallas. I should have scheduled for Friday, 8/23/13 to return Monday, 8/26/13. I accidentally scheduled 8/30/13 to return 9/2/13. I did this online. This morning, 8/7/13, I called to get the ticket changed. They will do absolutely nothing, not even for a fee. On the ticket is this statement:"NO REFUND, SUBJECT TO A FEE, IF VALID FOR EXCHANGE" The total cost of this ticket is lost! The agent... More...
  • Greyhound

    I Can't find my ticket stub that I paid for I just have one which i paid for our over weigh bag which we had to carry ourselve we slow us down because my sister walks with a cane and have a bad legs so I had help her out a lot to make sure we had a seat on the bus which we almost did'nt because the bus was crowd and paying that extra 5 dollars for the both of us to be sure we get ahead of everyone they did'nt do so we wasted our money and struggle with the suitcase which I ended up pulling her and mine because she had a hard time without her almost falling so I had to hurry... More...
  • Bus Ride from Hell

    Bus broke down before arriving in Holbrook AZ and was 3 hours late. We arrived in Albuquerque NM where the bus was looked over by the mechanic. Greyhound "fixed" the problem and we continued on. 66 miles outside of Albuquerque the bus over-heated again and we were stranded for 4 1/2 hrs in the heat with no water. I am mechanically inclined so I offered to look at the engine. The fan belt had been ripped to shreds because of a locked up pulley. The pulley had no signs of work being done on it, no lube, no wrench marks, just completely frozen up. The mechanic at Albuquerque clearly... More...
  • Left Stranded

    The Bus driver told everyone to be on the Barstow bus at 8:10pm to mark the end of the break and he was going to leave. He left at 8:02pm. He also saw me skating up the sidewalk to come back as he was leaving the driveway. I was the only one with pj's on and a longboard with me. I thought it was another bus but it was him. I bought mcdonalds food and have the receipt to prove my timing. I had $3 left to my name. My mother gave her credit card info to the Travelodge attendant (who was really helpful) and I got a room for $53 there. I have the receipt. I now have to pay another... More...
  • Overcharges

    I tried to buy a ticket Aug. 24th 2011 and then on Aug 25th 2011, online but their web site kept saying their system was down. So I called to buy for my mother-in-law who speaks only Chinese. They told me they would charge $18 more for the ticket because "you are using your credit card over the phone and not your mother-in-laws card". I then said I'll give them my mother-in-laws card, they said I couldn't. They will wave the 18$ if you go to terminal to buy the ticket. So if you buy a ticket on the phone for a relative and they print it when you arrive it costs $18... More...
  • horrible experience

    I purchased a round-trip ticket in July. On my return a bus driver picked up a man at a rest stop. This man was intoxicated and rude to all the other passengers, he even tried to touch the female passenger in front of me. After about teo hours the driver pulled over because of him. Instead of telling him to get out he suggests he moves up front and go to sleep. They had to threaten the driver with calling the cops for him to throw him out. I tried calling costumer service but thete is never an answer. This was a dangerous and unacceptable thing for him to do and I want to be re compensated... More...
  • Excessive Problems with Trip

    We purchased tickets for a family member to visit us. Even though the Greyhound roundtrip ticket was $40 more than a Southwest Airlines ticket, he wanted to take bus so he could see the countryside. Many problems with trip that was roundtrip from Mesa, AZ to Denver, CO. Not only was the trip exhausting with long layovers, false advertising (no Wi-Fi, uncomfortable seats, air conditioning problems) the return trip was a total disgrace. The Americanos buses that were used are not reliable and the driver was over his DOT hours which made the bus have to turn around and go back to Denver an... More...
  • EF560885

    My baggage was lost and no one can tell me where it is or what happen to it. I have filed a tracer claim and have now returned back to Michigan. I have been spoken to unprofessionally and have even been told to back trace my steps from where I went to and what city, that is not my job and I trusted the baggage person to take care of my bag and they didn't and now they are making me feel like it is my fault.This was my first ride on a Greyhound Bus and I really enjoyed the ride, even the bus driver tried to help me find my bag, but the people that I spoke to on the phone has been very... More...
  • refund

    Purchased a ticket from Greyhound Bus Co. on March 22, 2011. The ticket was purchased to travel from Portland, Oregon to Elk City, Oklahoma. I put this purchase on my Visa debit card. The charge was $227. On March 25, 2011, I called Greyhound to cancel this ticket; and to see about a refund. The agent told me the ticket was not refundable; although I explained when I purchased the ticket i told the agent I may have to cancel this ticket if this person decides not to come to OK. The agent told me that the ticket was refundable, but would cost $18 to do so. After speaking with my bank; I... More...

  • Baltimore MD to Philadelphia Penn.

    I had decided to stay longer to visit family right outside of Baltimore and missed the last train going to NYC so I headed to the Baltimore station downtown. It was the evening so I expected a wait and July 3rd; but what I did not expect was the bullying, disorganization, and harrassment that would soon follow me on my ride home. Due to the breakdown of the computer system customers were told online waiting to purchase a ticket that the line was moving slow because tickets had to be written out. I was fine with that since as I stated before I had originally thought to go to a major train... More...
  • GLI 9143

    As I was buying my ticket at the counter an employee told me I should put some perfume on because he said I smelt like marijuana. The bus terminal was full of people and I was embarrassed by his remark because it had to have been someone else next to me. The employee said "I smoke too and I know what it is, and I always put some perfume on after, I'm just saying I work for a federal transportation company and could have you searched, I'm just warning you." I kindly gestured to him to keep his voice down, he was embarrassing me. He proceeded to suspect me, spoke louder... More...


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