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Greyhound Bus Complaint - greyhound
Greyhound Bus Complaint

Greyhound Bus Complaint



As I was buying my ticket at the counter an employee told me I should put some perfume on because he said I smelt like marijuana. The bus terminal was full of people and I was embarrassed by his remark because it had to have been someone else next to me. The employee said "I smoke too and I know what it is, and I always put some perfume on after, I'm just saying I work for a federal transportation company and could have you searched, I'm just warning you." I kindly gestured to him to keep his voice down, he was embarrassing me. He proceeded to suspect me, spoke louder and told me he could have me searched, call the border patrol and have dogs come and 'sniff me out' and that I should be thankful he was giving me a warning. I was terrified and mortified, I was so embarrassed and angry I left to come home and write this. I’m going back to catch a 1:45pm.
This is not the first incident with this particular employee. For three years, I've been taking the Greyhound (Vermont Transit) bus from Burlington to Boston once every month or so to see friends and family. The last incident I recall is when he got into a verbal argument with a passenger that was around his age and the employee was constantly pointing his finger at him. He then practically threw luggage underneath the bus. After everyone boarded the bus the employee came back on the bus, told the guy to never argue with him again, he said "I work here and I can kick people off if I wanted to". The guy apologized and the employee stared this passenger down being really inappropriate about it.

I have seen this employee embarrass people financially as well at the counter. He sticks his hands in people’s faces, he doesn’t wear a uniform in fact he wears big flashy earring and chains around his neck with a company vest over his pimped out sweatshirts. He obviously smokes marijuana (he told me so) and he acts like a fed. I personally think he acts like a pompous thug; he has no manners and is never friendly.

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kfmay says: (7 years ago)
The baggage handler a young white male that works at your Kansas City, MO terminal was very unprofessional to your clients. This young man yelled at the customers telling them very rudely to get on the bus or your baggage will not be loaded. It was and elderly lady that was old enough to be his grandmother, that didn’t speak English that he repeated yelled at her to get on the bus repeatedly and all the while following her yelling at her. I feel that behavior was very unprofessional especially when s he just wanted to make sure that a gift was loaded on to the bus. I watch his behavior for over 10 or more minutes and his behavior increasingly got worse. Most of the people were already on the bus and there was a pile of 20 bags or more to be loaded. A young black came and assisted him in loading the bus. She was very polite and never did she yell at a customer. She did politely ask a customer to move back because he was blowing cigarette smoke in her face while she was loading the bags. Her behavior was great but his behavior was horrible. I hope this is not how you have taught your employees how to treat your customers. My husband was very upset with the rude treat of the customers and went to report it to the supervisor and he refused to come out and speak with him. What kind of company are you if you allow your employees to crudely and belligerently mistreat your customers.

greyhoundsux says: (9 years ago)
what did the man look like? i might have experience with the same employee

drummingdanny says: (9 years ago)
Greyhound is Horrible. I have been traveling way of grey for 10+years and they are mostly ALL rude and non-caring employees. I believe this to be because of their monopoly like bus service. Recently this past beginning of april (A1 through 2 to be exact) (I live in Virginia Beach, VA) attempted to go visit my cousin in Nashville, TN that I have not seen in 3 years. It took weeks of preparing and people taking very valuable and limited time off to allow the visit. I purchased a ticket and proceeded to make my travel..when I arrived in Knoxville, TN we were told that we had to switch buses immediatly so I proceeded to gather my guitar and bags to move to the next waiting bus..after waiting in line I arrived at the driver(a she) who was taking tickets. WHen I handed her my ticket she refused it because it was STILL IN THE PACKET THEY PROVIDE. She then rudely handed it back and equally rudely demanded me to take the ticket out of the packet. I then kindly but wearly asked her because my arms and hands were full could she be kind enough to open it for me..at that she became INFURIATED and DEMANDED that I leave the line..I of course objected..she refused to let me on the bus and told me I was a rude punk!! I then in desperation proceeded to go over to a few other employees stand a couple buses down and explained what the situation was... at that I was told by a EXTREMELY RUDE Jack Wallace that I must have been rude and mean to her for that "kind old lady" to treat me that way!!! MONSTROUS!!! I then proceded to leave them knowing that they were not going to help and went to the front desk asking and explaining my happening. I was told "nothing can be done" and I was told to wait for the next bus which was at least 6 hours away. I then asked for the manager and found out to my complete amazment that Jack Wallace was the manager. the bus then left. I proceded to ask Jack for file a complaint papers and HE REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANY. At this I am stranded 700+ miles from my home and my cousin not having access to come get me. I stepped outside to smoke a cigg and Jack proceeded to come out and start taunting me and calling me degraditory names such as quote" A damned hippie" and "what are you on drugs or something?" at this my anger is showing in my voice. Then a duty cop for the station comes out and says "So whats wrong jack" Jack then proceeded to tell her white lies and half truths and she LAUGHED. then when i asked if I could speak my side of the story in private to her, she flatly and rudely told me quote-"no I dont wanna hear your shit" I then noted that they would cause major problems for me if I did not get away. I walked Knoxville for the next 5 hours untill the next bus came and while I was waiting in line they called reboarding passes only I waited in line and gave the next driver (an equally sour faced man) my reboarding pass who then proceeded to have a fit and said WRONG BOARDING PASS!! GET THE HELL OVER IN THE NEXT LINE!!! so I left it at that and went to the other line..after he came to me again he mumbled that I must be "stupid, deaf or something" which annoyed me because I do have a confirmed hearing disability so I said " as a matter of fact sir I DO have a hearing problem! At that he said "yea right sure I still think you don't listen worth a hell" after accepting and punching my ticket. I proceeded to turn around and say " NO I believe it is you all that don't listen!" At that he threw my ticket on the ground and said "you an't riding my bus!" I was stunned and in shock. I asked him kindly please be reasonable, damn near begged because I was stranded in their town and he COLDLY AND FLATLY IGNORED ME. ALONG WITH THE OTHER EMPLOYEES THAT WATCHED THE ENITIRE EPISODE.
I then had a voided ticket, 200 dollars, no place to stay and no way of getting out. I had to walk to a near by expensive hotel to ask the desk employee who as VERY KIND to help get me in contact with my girlfriend in Virginia Beach, VA to spend 300 more dollars on flying me out of that town because I now had a void ticket. It was one of the worse experiences of my entire life. when I arrived back I immediatly called the complaint line to greyhound and a "Mrs. Smith" told me they would investigate my happening and contact me back soon for the details of it. I never recieved any calls or notices and June 30th I recieve a greyhound voucher in the mail with NO NUMBERS or anything but a paragraph saying they value me as a customer and for my troubles I recieved $135.00 half of what the ticket cost good for only another trip on their line.HA! I am not finished with these cruel people and if they think that a fake bribe will shut me up they truly and extremely mis-underestimate me and my friends and family.
I plan to take enormous actions against these people and greyhound lines. I have contacted all witnesses and people involved and they can expect to see me in court. If you have had equally terrible experence with this company please contact me at drummingdanny1@yahoo.com
Thanks for taking time to read this and I say NEVER let them belittle us. Peace, Daniel M. Rigney Jr.

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